Poem – The Universe

Dark and formless,
a great power gathered in a spot,
Ready to explode.

Matter pour out in a bright flash,
spreading themselves
Across the vast empty space.
Space, dark it was no longer.

Great surge continues.
Like history repeating itself,
Matter gather once again,
Forming beacon of lights,
With lumps of rocks and gas
Dancing around like children.

River of time flows unabated.
Somewhere in this cooling canvas,
is the violent birth of blue marble.
Graceful and mellow as time goes,
Came more sparks.
Blue marble is now green, blue and brown.

Poem – Night

Sky turns orange-red.
As the Earth rotates,
pushing the sun down,
Beyond the line of sight.
The sky turn black,
littered with shining, blinking lights,
Millions of years old.

Two-legged creatures.
Some roam the paths of
synthetic habitats made of stones,
To reach places of their desire.
Some seated on four-legged objects,
Consuming savoury food with their metal tools,
nourishing their stomachs and souls
while they communicate with their fellows
Of their so-called bad and good days.

Elsewhere, deep in those dark woods,
four-legged creatures,
Scrambles for home,
Hide from ravenous consumers.
Some creatures hunt with their special abilities,
For they are kings and queens of the sky.
Six-legged creatures make sounds,
To attract attention of their fellows,
For joyous yet painful rounds of propagation,
Ignorant of their imminent deaths by flying mammals.

Poem – End Human

Another day gone,
Comes another Day.
Humans Beings,
scurry across the streets,
Goes to work, to school.
Impervious to their surroundings,
Humans continued their pathetic lives.
Construction works continues,
Environmental destruction ensued.
Environment destroyed due to greed,
Thus Humans seeking own extermination.

When humans will stop?
Till the oncoming of doomsday,
or is it till the end of time?
Will nature lashed out, dishing
unforgiving punishments?
Seek to protect, save own skin,
Humans don’t do.
Humans understand not what’s life.

Black clouds from the pipes,
deadly gases consumed surrounding,
damage to environment is doubling.
Will human stop?
Human don’t know what’s stop.
Knowing only destruction,
immature fightings,
Humans don’t stop.

Green goo into the hydrid
of Hydrogen and Oxygen.
Black gold into the ocean,
Resources depleted.
Human continued their senseless doing,
Seeking their own extinction,
I agree.
Love, care, compassion?
Humans know nothing.
Love no oceans, love no trees,
Destruction continues.

Killings, bombings, fire, destruction,
These few words are what humans know.
They seek no peace, they seek war.
Why? you ask. There’s no answer.
I agree fully, extermination of human,
is a must.

P.S.: I wrote this poem when I just turned 18. I found it in one of my archive folder and thought why not post it in its raw form.

Poem – Internet Friend

Young, that we were,
innocent, that we were,
and different lives, we lived.
The common thread binding us,
the Internet.

Internet, a vast digital network,
connects all of us, like vessels
in our bodies.
Data, like bloods cells,
carries life giving knowledge.

Using data as our servants,
transmit our thoughts
and individuality.
Each other we find,
forming thread within thread.

Day by day,
thread became rope,
rope became chains.
Chains became gravity,
We fell in love,
with each other.

Poem – Wet as rain

Ominous clouds rolling across the white canvas, coming to a halt above.

Unsuspecting bipedals moved beneath, going about their lives.

A roar, a flash, an inverted tsunami follows, as though gods are crying, turning everything into slippery glisters.

Bipedals, wet as rain, run for their lives, seeking the nearest shelters, waiting for drier days.