Journal #316

After yesterday’s early rest, I actually felt better today. By that, I mean I was feeling neutral and wasn’t as grumpy as the days before.

Today was another deployment day because next week, the users want to play with the application. A big part of me is feeling quite anxious because I am a glass is half empty kind of guy. The application is just so full of bugs that I am not even sure if I am proud to let them use it.

I know most people will say it’s impossible to be perfect. I also know it’s impossible because we are human. However, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to achieve it. And I know what we have isn’t even close to good.

So after the deployment, my team lead and I did a quick test and found that everything is working as intended. I also took the chance to prepare the system with the necessary data but it wasn’t complete. There’s just too much stuff to put in. Therefore, I will have to do the rest next Tuesday.

Then I had an early lunch with another colleague who happened to be at the customer’s office. Meanwhile, my team lead took his leave because he has to catch a flight home, back to China, for Chinese New Year.

During lunch, my colleague asked if I am enjoying myself at work. I told him not really. I’m just hanging on the best I could. Thinking back, my first job had better colleagues and I feel more comfortable with them. Despite whatever “feelings” I may have back then when I left, I still enjoyed my time there. Now, not so much.

I think it could be because I had discovered what I want to do and achieve in life. Whatever it is I’m doing just isn’t bringing me joy anymore but I’m still doing it because it’s something I already know quite well and is paying the bills.

Oh well, sometimes I just feel like I’m repeating myself to myself. Yet, it doesn’t seem to make me feel any better. Maybe I should do some radical? I don’t know.

Anyway, after that lunch, my colleague and I went our separate ways because he had to be somewhere else and I am going back to office.

Once I went back, I didn’t do much at all except to read the codes again and add in some boilerplate. During my code reading, I discovered that there were potentially more bugs or issues that I didn’t realize. It is this kind of situation that tend to grind my gears. And yes, I did let it pull down my mood.

Once the clock struck six, I just packed up and took my leave. I went to get a cup of mocha from Starbucks to fill my stomach because it was starting to growl and knowing I will feel hangry, it’s a solution. So I waited until my friend arrived and we had dinner at Paradise Dynasty.

With dinner done, I wanted to get some clothes for the new year. We walked around for quite a bit until I settled on Cotton On. The remaining brands were like having boring styles. Or maybe more like I wanted something more simple, plain. It’s the minimalist in me speaking.

After I got a plain maroon-colored shirt and a black jogger pants, my friend and I went up to the cinema to watch Black Panther. Today was particularly packed and the whole bunch of movie goers were like waiting outside until we were allowed in. It was around 8.31pm, when we finally started moving in and have our tickets checked.

The movie ended at around 10.45pm. The mall was already closed by then and we made our way to the train station and went home.

It’s Chinese New Year eve tomorrow (today, since it’s already 21 minutes past midnight) and it will be a long weekend. So I should be happy and enjoy myself. For a start, I should probably go for a run before I start snacking on those Chinese New Year goodies. I didn’t get a chance to do that last weekend because I was busy with cleaning up the house and aching badly as a result of it.

And I plan to use the weekend to start putting more words into my novel.

Journal #315

It has gotten pretty bad.

This morning when I woke up, my eyes could barely open and while eating breakfast, I can’t help but to doze off.

Half of the time at work, my brain isn’t even functioning properly. I lost track of conversations pretty fast. I’m constantly tired, sleepy and irritable. I had to force myself to even get something done.

About getting things done, I only managed to fix a couple of bugs, did some testing, and prepare a deployable package for tomorrow. These things could have finish in less than an hour but I spread it out the whole day.

I guess at the end of the day, it’s my fault.

But I do question the situation. I don’t know if I’m truly exhausted or have a poor night sleep for the past few days. All I know is I stopped my intake of coffee since last week. However, it doesn’t mean that I have stop accumulating rewards points from Starbucks. I have drinking other kind of drinks.

You know what’s funny? I was fine on Saturday doing spring cleaning, aching all over on Sunday and when it come to Monday and Tuesday, I’m completely exhausted.

If this continues for another few more days, I will probably go see a doctor to find out if I have other underlying medical conditions that I don’t know about. I was thinking that my excessive intake of caffeine was masking something happening to my body. Now that I have stop taking caffeine, symptoms are showing up.

On the other hand, I have been reading online articles suggesting that it’s my genes. I’m addicted to caffeine and not drinking means I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms all the time. But since these are online articles without references to scientific studies, I will take those with a pinch of salt.

I will rest early tonight and see if I will feel better tomorrow.

Journal #304

I decided to give Illeism (writing about yourself from a third-person view) a try for today’s journal because I thought why not. There’s just no reason not to and I won’t know how it will turn out.

The alarm blared and woke him out of deep slumber. He felt mild anger as he was dreaming and don’t like to be waken up from his dream. He stumbled out of bed to hit the stop button on his phone, picked up his cup from the desk, and went out. He switched off the air-conditioning on his way out.

The moment he opened the door, the bright living room light blast through the door way and hurt his eyes. The eyes adjusted and he made his way to the kitchen.

He prepared a cup of instant oatmeal after drinking a cup of water. After setting down the cup on the table, he went to grab the plate of steamed Chinese egg cake from the stove. He went and finished all three slices of the cake and the oatmeal.

Breakfast wasn’t particularly satisfying but it filled his stomach. He was still feeling somewhat depressed and have a runny nose. It wasn’t a good start to his morning.

He took a shower, brushed his teeth, and got dressed for work. Donning a black t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants with a black checkered flannel slung over his shoulder, he went out of the house. He felt a brief moment of hesitation. He didn’t want to go to work. He wanted to stay at home for the day.

But it’s obviously not practical. He still got tons of bills to pay and losing the job now is just bad timing. So he powered ahead.

He made his way to the MRT station with old pop music blasting through his AirPods. He boarded the train at around twenty minutes past eight in the morning. At that moment, he felt a surge of tiredness. He closed his eyes for a moment while standing against the train cabin wall.

Once he reached his stop, he made his way to Starbucks. For the past few days, he tried to kick his caffeine habit to no avail. Today, he just went and did it. He ordered a Mint Blend tea, which had no caffeine, and a Turkey Ham and Egg with Cheddar cheese sandwich.

After he paid for his drink and food, he made his way to office, all the while fighting against the sleepiness. When he did arrived in office, the sleep monster took over and knock him out.

He didn’t start working until it was like thirty minutes past nine in the morning. Even then, he was doing it slowly. There’s just no energy. Despite that, he managed to finish one set of functionalities before lunch.

Instead of joining his colleagues for lunch, he decided to go eat by himself at Green Dot. He wanted to be alone and away from his colleagues. With his lunch done, he went to get some fruits and soya bean curds to serve as snacks later in the afternoon.

He went back to office to see his team lead in for work and another colleague of his, whom he thought went back home for lunch. Upon asking, it turned out she didn’t go anywhere and had her lunch at her desk. She had packed food from home.

As soon as he settled down, the rest of his colleagues came back from lunch. But he didn’t talk to them much. He still pretty much want to remain alone.

Then the after lunch sleepiness came and overwhelm him. It knocked him out cold for the next deca-minutes.

Once he woke, he felt fresh enough to do some work and that’s what he did. But first, he had to finish those fruits he bought. As the fruits were sliced, leaving them out without refrigeration was bad in general.

Before the day ended, he managed to implement a function to load image into memory, draw boxes and update the render. It was the first time he had work with images in this way and felt kind of happy. He couldn’t wait to show it off to his colleagues and he was sure they hadn’t done such a thing before. But at the end of the day, it’s a prototype to prove to himself that he could do it.

Having small wins was important and sometimes he forgets all about that. When he does that, there’s always a very high chance he would slip into depression because he felt like he had achieved nothing. In some ways, he still hasn’t mature enough or gain enough confidence.

With that small win, he decided to end the day and leave. But the intern decided to ask him some question and so he did his best to answer. Part of him felt like it wasn’t a good enough answer but that was the best he could do at that time. He hoped the intern understood what was said. If not, he would have to check on the intern’s progress next just to make sure everything is alright.

He went home to a light drizzle. The outside air around his company was filled the pungent smell of cigarette smoke and that was one of the reasons why he hated working there.

Once home and after having a shower, he got down to watch Altered Carbon on Netflix. Thus far, he liked the show because of its science fiction nature, the story thus far, and the non-conservative actings.

This marks the end of his day and his story shall continue in tomorrow’s journal.

Journal #297

I will start off this journal with the following quote because it speaks to me: I desire quality in almost everything. And having less is a form of quality in itself.

“Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.” – Linda Breen Pierce, 1947

What happened

I woke up this morning at my usual time and had my breakfast. After that, I actually got down to do more drawing of the storyboard for my work on my iPad. Then I had my shower, got dressed, and headed out for work.

Once I reached the mall near my work place, I ordered a fried egg and turkey bacon sandwich from Han’s and hot americano from Starbucks before making my way to my company’s building across the street.

Once in office, I settled down and made a quick decision to work on something. I had a discussion with my team lead about a task to generate scripts to insert data into the application’s database for the pilot deployment. After clarifying some stuff, I got down to work, generating SQL scripts using excel.

At 11am today, my team and I had a meeting to discuss on the storyboard for a set of functions that I did for the next phase of the project. During the meeting, we also trash out the details of the user experience, implementations, and identify issues with the API documents that my colleague created.

But we didn’t finish discuss everything and it was 12 pm. So we scheduled to continue the meeting next monday. My team lead meanwhile has to leave for the day due to some personal issues and the rest of us went to have our lunch at JEM shopping mall.

I ordered a big plate of fried carrot cake because I felt like eating it. In part, because I don’t want to feel hungry before I get home. But I did regret it after because it felt very unhealthy.

After we went back to office, I went about doing some other work like tweaking the storyboard and discussing with my colleague further on what should be implemented to make the whole user experience better. There were also some light discussion on some misunderstanding of the use cases. I also spent some time to list down the names of the domain entities that the application should have.

Somehow, during one of the many discussions, the idea I have for one of the use case got pretty absurd. I suggested implementing a version of the drag and drop operation so that user move some thumbnails of images into a working area and have the system automatically generate something.

My colleague started commenting jokingly, “If you suggest it, then you do it.”

I was like, “it would make the whole thing better and more intuitive for the user.”

My colleague and I went back and forth about who should do it with no conclusion. But I suspect due to the project timeline, it won’t be done and instead we will implement something simpler. But overall, I found it to be a fun experience.

At around 4.30 or 5 pm (not sure), it started raining heavily and made my office slightly cooler. By now, I’m already not really working and was doing other stuff like surfing the net.

I was also trying to decide if I should buy iPhone X. Before that, I went to SingTel’s website to do some calculation of whether it would be worthwhile for me to sign up for a SIM-only plan and buy the phone separately. It turns out that if you are a heavy data user, all the more you should buy the phone separately and go with SIM-only plan.

The post-paid Combo 1, 2, 3 plans are better valued for money if you want to get a phone together with a lower-tier plans with no additional add-ons. But once you get to combo 6 and 12, the amount of money you will have to pay over 24 months can cost you an additional $30 to $1000.

Therefore, I decided to go with SIM-only plan and will buy the iPhone X separately.

Once the clock struck 6pm, I made my move and left office. Upon reaching home, I put down my stuff, had a shower, and went about catching up on all the shows I have yet watched for this week.

Dinner consist of mostly fried and spicy stuff, which again make me feel even unhealthier but they are tasty. Once dinner is over, I went back to catch up on the remaining shows that I have and also clean up my NAS of old files that I don’t need anymore.

How I feel

I feel great today because I got some stuff done and didn’t feel particularly overwhelmed. My work today wasn’t that busy.

Journal #250 – Saturday life update

I woke up this morning to a runny and stuffy nose. I don’t know why but I suspect it was either a common cold or allergic rhinitis. I believe it is the former because there is cough associated with it. But neither am I a doctor nor  do I have a microscope to see what I sneeze out, so I can’t diagnose myself.

Regardless, I went ahead to eat breakfast with my family outside. After breakfast, I came home and made myself a big cup of coffee using the NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND BARISTA machine. I went and take meds for the runny nose with the coffee.

Compared to Starbucks coffee, I never found Nescafe coffee to be any good. It is average. I guess it’s because it is instant coffee and you can’t subject it to the same process as how people make coffee using actual beans, grinding them, and forcing hot water through them over several seconds. Nescafe coffee doesn’t quite have the strong aroma, the right ratio between bitter and sour taste (more towards the former) found with Starbucks coffee.

By right, I should have felt drowsy some thirty minutes to an hour later after taking the medicine but the coffee prevented that. So I was awake for most of the morning and early afternoon. I used the chance to watch Dark on Netflix. I only managed to watch two episodes, follow by two episodes of The Code before I felt very hungry.

I went to make myself lunch. I had Nissin instant noodles with sesame oil. I added an egg to it for protein and taste.

After that, I took another pill and waited for it to kick in again. I used that time to prepare a review of the Apple AirPods because I wanted it. I wanted to share with the world about how I felt about using the earphones. Then I went for a shower and at around 5.30pm, I felt sleepy and decided to take a nap.

By the time I got up, it was around 7.30pm. I felt slightly better. and my family and I went out for dinner. After that, I came home to just chill, and watch some more shows on Netflix.

Ever since I downloaded the game Sky Force: Reloaded, I have been playing it quite often like when I got nothing to do, using the toilet, etc.

The game really does test your patience as there is drudgery involved. You need to collect the stars in order to upgrade your weapons and to collect enough, you will need to keep playing. Your plane will get destroy often if your reaction time can’t keep up or when you make a mistake and that means you will need to try again.

But overall, I do like the game and I’m reminded of playing one of the Raiden game during my younger days. I vividly remember dying so often when I was playing that game. In hindsight, I guess it’s because I was young, had poor hand-eye coordination. After playing so many FPS as I was growing up, I guess I have develop a better reaction time and hand skills in general.

Journal #187 – Productive Day with More Starbucks

Without coffee, I highly doubt I will even have a productive day. My body has developed some sort of immunity to the amount of caffeine I take but can’t live without. I needed a certain amount of caffeine to even stay awake or do anything decently.

I know this runs counter to what being a minimalist is all about where something that you consume adds value to your life and consumption shouldn’t be in excess. But it’s my solution to counteract the lower energy levels caused by my neuroticism. I think my brain don’t have that much energy left after having process threats, dealing with anxiety, thinking of the futures and the outcomes, etc. Maybe I’m wrong or right about this. All I know is it works for me.

I mentioned that I bought a Starbucks tumbler yesterday so that I can save the environment by not using plastic cups and also save a little bit of money buying coffee everyday. Starbucks gives 50 cents discount for drinks that are filled in your own tumblers. I applaud this initiative of theirs and it’s one of the reason why I buy their things.

With that, I went to Starbucks and filled up my black tumbler with iced Americano. It was actually a wrong order. I blurted out the wrong order because I was so sleepy in the morning. And Due to the size of the tumbler, it’s actually grande sized instead of venti.

With that coffee, I went through the morning doing development work and was able to finish half of what the tasks that I wanted to do for today before going for lunch. That means functionalities related to user creation and management.

After coming back from lunch, I went out again with my tumbler in hand and ordered Earl Grey along with a box of instant coffee from Starbucks. I went with the Italian Roast for $13.90. There are 12 sticks of instant coffee.

This coffee isn’t for me though. I bought it for my family as I wanted them to try what I feel to be a better coffee, a more ecologically friendly coffee. The coffee they consumed I feel are of an inferior quality, not environmentally friendly, and not ethically sourced.

Ok, let me digress for a bit.

You see, these days when I buy products, I will try to at least ensure that the company publishes detail reports about where they source their materials, the environmental impact, and whether they are ethical. I personally don’t mind paying more for products that are in a way help uplift other societies or communities and not contribute to the destruction of our planet.

Now back to the main point. I bought the Earl Grey because I didn’t want to drink too much coffee that would prevent me from sleeping tonight but needed something caffeinated and soothing so that I can power through the rest of the afternoon and finish the tasks that I set out to do.

And so I did managed to finish the implementation of the user management module, started work on the roles, and user/role assignment module before I left office.

I suppose tomorrow I will continue to get myself closer to finishing the end product.

Journal #131 – Rainy Tuesday

Beep Beep

I woke up to the sound of my phone going off. I had set the alarm for 0730hrs because I wanted to go to work earlier today. However, I was extremely tired from only sleeping 5 hours. I dragged myself out of bed, hit the off button, and went back to sleep. I woke up naturally half an hour later.

It was only then that I realized it was raining. It has actually been raining on and off for the past few days but it doesn’t really change the overall temperate. It still felt humid and hot.

I went about my morning routine, and had my breakfast. While eating and reading my Twitter feed, the weather got worse and was pouring down heavily.

I took a shower and left the house at around 0930hrs. As it was still pouring down heavily with strong wind, I knew I couldn’t walk to the train station. If I did that, my pants and shoes would be completely drench which I hate a lot.

So instead I went to the bus stop behind my apartment block. I took the feeder bus from the bus stop to the bus interchange at Jurong point. Upon boarding the bus, there were only three passenger, me included. It felt lonely but then just the way I like it. I never quite like boarding a bus packed full of people as I find them to be overstimulating.

As it was slightly after 1000hrs, it was considered off-peak and the bus simply went through the remaining bus stop without really stopping. Most people by now, especially the students and working adults, would already be in school or at work respectively. The retirees and senior citizens, due to the heavy rain, I’m assuming that they won’t want to go out for safety reason.

After I reached Jurong Point, I made my way to the MRT station. I used the sheltered walkway that connects the mall to the train station. But due to the intensity of the rain, I got peppered by the rain and my glasses were covered in rain drop. It wasn’t a very nice experience.

The train platform itself wasn’t that packed and the train didn’t take long to arrive. Boarded it and despite the empty seats, I chose to stand at the gangway connection. I personally love that spot because it is the least crowded part of a train even during peak hours.

Upon arriving at Raffles Place station, I made my way to Starbucks, got a venti-sized Cold Brew, and a Cajun Chicken sandwich. I went up to my client’s office and made my way to the backdoor where it leads directly to the IT room. Before I scanned my thumbprint, one of the staff from the Settlement department just came out from the washroom and I greeted her. We both went in and made our way to the IT room.

I wasn’t sure if it was related to me placing down the sandwich on the desk but there was a conversation about sandwiches. It turns out there was a sandwich store nearby that serve pretty good sandwiches but ever since the closing of that store, the replacement store didn’t really serve good sandwiches.

After the Settlement lady left, I went about finishing my sandwich and got down to work. I alternate my attention between Twitter and NetBeans as well as my phone. Before long, it was 1340hrs and I decided it was time for me to get lunch.

I got Chicken Rice from the food court nearby and went back to office. While eating at my desk, I went to read some science and tech news. After that, I went back to work again.

At around 1600hrs, I decided to drink some tea. So I went back to StarBucks again and ordered a venti-sized Earl Grey.

I got back to work again and lost track of time. Before I knew it, it was 1810hrs. I decided to call it a day and packed up. I left the office at around 1820hrs.

While walking home from the train station, my ex-colleague texted me asking how was life for me on Signal. So I chatted with him a while before he said he had to go offline. After that, I went to take a shower again.

For dinner, my dad got us curry rice. He only told us it’s from Clementi but didn’t elaborate further. I personally like to eat the Hainanese Curry Rice at Maxwell Hawker center. This one from Clementi was alright. I found the rice to be a little dry and the curry wasn’t that oily. For those who would like to try out Hainanese Curry Rice around Singapore, check out this entry.

After dinner, I watched a few episode of Mr. Robot Season 1. Now as I’m writing this journal, I pondered what I wanted to do next. Maybe I could watch Mr. Mercedes and see what’s the fuss about. Or maybe I should just finish watching the whole Season 1 of Mr. Robot.

Don’t worry, I will figure it out.

In the meantime, for those who are into Java programming, I think this article on the private access modifier would be good for you. Personally, despite me working with Java for so long, I didn’t know about it too.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Aug 7, 2017

This is my 123rd journal.

I woke up especially early today at around 0645hrs. Went to the washroom and then I went back to my bed attempting to sleep. But I just couldn’t sleep. So instead I just laid there thinking about stuff before getting up at around 0709hrs. Took a pill for my gastritis and then brushed my teeth.

Used my iPad Pro for a bit to browse the web and look through my Facebook news feed before having my breakfast at around 0740hrs.

Watch some YouTube video on my iPad pro while eating. After I’m done, I went for a quick shower and got ready to go to my client’s office.

Got a cold brew and a Turkey Ham with Egg and Cheddar Sandwich from Subway after I arrived at Raffles Place at around 0940hrs.

Enter a caption

I know it’s bad for people who has gastritis like me but as I said repeatedly. I love coffee too much.

I started doing some work at around 1030hrs. While writing codes, I was messing around with the virtual machine running on my MacBook pro. I was attempting to figure out why the MSSQL database connection was slow and Windows itself was sluggish. So I was powering on and off the virtual machine. On the third attempt, my MacBook Pro suffered from a kernel panic. I mean, the Windows VM was loading up after I logged in and I was concurrently browsing the web.

I of course went and remove the kext, “tl.uds.netusb controller”, because it was an unnecessary kernel extension. It was the TP-Link USB controller software for the printer my previous company was using. Since I already left, this dump reminded me that I don’t need the controller anymore.

After that, I restarted my MacBook Pro one more time after the system started up again. Luckily I saved my work already and so I could continue from where I left off.

I tried the VM one more time and it was still fine. So after I’m done testing one of the feature that I was implementing, I powered off the VM and focus on another feature that don’t need the VM just yet.

Now, I personally hate virtual machines and is looking for alternatives. I’m thinking about buying an Intel NUC just to host Windows-specific stuff (E.g. Microsoft SQL Server). It is so that I can have a portable server and not worrying about internet connectivity or data breaches (the database contains sensitive client information), while I do my main work on the MacBook Pro (no, I’m not going back to Windows). If I need to any stuff like testing out SQL scripts, I could just do a remote desktop into the NUC.

I don’t think it make sense for me to spend maybe SGS$3000 or more to get a Surface Pro with decent specification or maybe < SG$1500 for a budget laptop. Weight and price are both concerns of mine. If anyone got any other better suggestions do let me know in the comments.

Decided to call it a day at around 1700hrs to avoid the evening crowd. Went home, played a few rounds of Plague Inc., reached home and unpack my Mac again.

I opened up my Apple Mail and went through all the emails from all my email accounts. I got a shock when I saw that I to pay Amazon for usage of the AWS. At first, I thought I had shutdown all the instances that I used. It turns out that I forgot to shutdown the RDS instance and my S3 bucket was still active. I made payment and quickly terminate and delete the RDS instance and S3 bucket. I am contemplating if I should shut down the account since I don’t think I will be using it personally.

After that, I went for a shower and started watching Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 4. Now this is the episode to die for.

I’m not gonna even try to warn anyone about spoilers since this is the internet age. Everything is out there already.

To sum the whole episode up: the Lannisters got severely roasted by the dragon and swarmed by the Dorathki warriors. Jamie’s fate is unknown. Bran Stark is too calm while Arya Stark is a seriously good fighter. Littlefinger is still being the resident creeper.

Earlier today, I actually wanted to watch Atomic Blonde but the friends that I asked either didn’t want to watch or not free. Since it is ridiculously rated R21 in Singapore, I have to watch it in the cinemas since I don’t think I will be able to get it from iTunes. If it really comes down to it, I will watch it by myself. Just hope there are still shows this week.

Oh wait… apparently, I can get R21 movies from iTunes according to this news article: New rule on R21 content reflects changing media landscape.

Personally, I never quite like the idea of censorship or ratings. I mean, the world itself is not that friendly or nice. There are so many things going on. The act of censorship or ratings is like trying to shield people from realities of the world or preventing people from seeing new ideas.

I guess my stance on censorship comes from the fact that I am mostly immune to violent imageries, and I can deal with mature content or thought provoking stuff. I’m not even grossed out by gore or blood in films. I can tell what is fake or propaganda, and what is real.

But I can’t say the same for the other 16, 17 or 18 year-old Singaporeans. I mean even some 21-year-olds still have the mindset of a 16-year-olds. So I shall just say my piece and let it go. Beside I’m already old enough that not really restricted by these ratings unless the content is banned or blocked by the government.

I think I better stop here as I will probably go on and on about some other stuff. I will share more of my thoughts about some other stuff in separate entries or another journal.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Aug 6, 2017

This is my 122nd journal.

Woke up at around 1000hrs feeling extremely groggy and to the sound of my irritating neighbors doing some hammering work and blasting their music.

Lazed around in bed until about 1100hrs before I actually got up, brushed my teeth, and took an omeprazole pill with a full cup of water. Waited for half an hour before I ate my breakfast.

After that, I was just mingling around in the kitchen chatting with my family members and made a cup of Earl Grey tea.

I am not sure what to do for the rest of the day. Part of me don’t feel like playing any games too.

At around 1430hrs, I decided to go out with my mom and sisters. Had a shower, put on a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, and sneakers before heading out.

Went to IMM first, and trailed behind my sisters and mom as they went looking at shoes. Had lunch at Ichiban Sushi and it was my treat. The bill totaled $113.

I ordered a hot green tea, Agedashi Tofu, and a plate of assorted Sushi.

If you are wondering or have yet to figure it out, yes, I love Japanese food and I find that they are more healthy than traditional Chinese cuisine, or western cuisine.

Then I went to get StarBucks while they went ahead to JCube. I joined them there and walked around some more looking for shoes. Then we went to play at the claw machine and I lent my sister 10 bucks to get a duck stuffed toy.

Then we walked about some more at Jem before we head home.

Well, my mom decided not to cook after reaching home and so we will be heading out again for dinner. Until then, I will focus on doing some writing.

There wasn’t enough time for me to do any proper writing since it takes time to even get the gears moving.

My family and I went to a nearby Tze Char store to have dinner. After the dinner, we went home to the weather starting to letting go of rain. It was a light drizzle but since it’s a short walk from home so it didn’t matter.

For the rest of the night, considering that I had quite a lot of caffeinated drinks today, I think I will do some light writing and watching YouTube video.

That’s all for now.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Aug 4, 2017

This is my 120th journal.

I woke up this morning at around 0730hrs feeling very groggy. Didn’t really want to get up for the day, I went back to sleep. I woke up again at around 0900hrs and I still don’t feel ready to get up, so back to sleep I went.

I finally couldn’t sleep anymore and was wide awake at around 1000hrs. Noticed that my mom wasn’t at home. I went and finished my morning routine. Then I took an omeprazole pill for my erosive gastritis before I ate my breakfast of instant oatmeal and two slices of bread with tuna spread half an hour later. Then I went and lazed on my bed and used my phone for a bit before I went for a quick shower at around 1110hrs.

My mom came back with my brunch at around 1115hrs and asked me if I wanted to eat. I told her that I would bring it to work instead. Got out of the shower and prepared the things I need for work, took my packed brunch, and out of the house I went. I also took 10 ml of magnesium triplicate as I was feeling my gut rumbling, which simply meant that the acid was attacking my stomach wall.

I reached the client’s office at around 1215hrs after getting StarBucks. Yeah, I know coffee is a bad choice of drink for people with gastritis but then I can’t do without black coffee.

I ate my food first and chatted with one of the staff there. Got my MacBook out and started browsing the net, reading news article and checking my twitter. Before I knew it, it was close to 1420hrs and I got started to do some work. Yeah, I wasn’t feeling the mood to do work. The manager came back from her gym session at around 1430hrs and I clarified with her on some stuff. Then I went to do more coding before I surf the net again and chit chat.

Continued to do some more work at around 1600hrs and lasted until 1730hrs before I decided to call it a day. I left the client office at around 1830hrs, used the washroom and off I went.

At 1840hrs, the station at Raffles Place was still surprisingly crowded but when I boarded the west bound train of the east-west line, was genuinely surprised to see a decently empty train.

On the journey back, I played Plague Inc. on my phone. Yes, I actually spent S$4.50 buying the game from the app store. Other than Cities: Skylines, Plague Inc. is one of simulation games that I do enjoy playing. Admittedly, I had a hard time with the bioweapon strain. I couldn’t infect enough people before the cure is completed and deployed. If anyone go any suggestion, let me know down in the comments below.

Upon reaching home, I showered and had home-cooked Lor Mee for dinner. While eating, I watched episode 8 of the Planet of the Apps.

I also tried to do some research as to why my Java application is encountering an issue where getting a SQL connection is so slow. I noticed it was the case ever since I upgraded my Mac OS to Sierra 10.12.6 with VirtualBox 5.1.22 with Windows 10 guest. It was still the same when I upgraded to Virtualbox 5.1.26 with Windows 10 guest patched with the Creators Update. If anyone got any idea why please also let me know down in the comments below. I’m very close to actually spending the money to get a Intel NUC just to host the MS SQL Server 2014.

For the rest of the night, I think I will try to do some more work on my client’s application. If I can, I will also prepare another entry for my blog focusing on technology news.

Now, here is a video about building a super compact gaming PC, which is something that I’m considering of doing to fulfill my desire to do minimalist high-end gaming.

Here I conclude my journal for today.