Daily Log #13

The first thing I did upon waking up was get ready and went for a quick jog around my neighborhood. During the preparation, I did hit some snag with my Apple Watch. The AirPods refused to pair with it. So I had to relaunch the music app and turn the bluetooth on and off before they worked. So Apple’s idea of “work seamlessly” is not 100% guaranteed. I do have my fair share of irritation with my Apple devices over the years.

I didn’t go far this time. I only finished about 3KM and climbed eight flights of stairs. My timing for my run hasn’t improve at all and the reason was simple. I only run once a week. Whereas in the past, I would twice a week and climb stairs a lot. But these days, I have become more and more lazy.

Therefore, to raise my physical fitness, I will restart climbing the stairs from tomorrow onwards.

After the run and a quick shower, I read the book, NYXIA, until I reached the third page of the second chapter. By then I was feeling hungry and it was time for breakfast anyway.

Once I’m done with breakfast, I actually spent a lot of time watching Netflix, alternating between Dragons: Race to the Edge and Jessica Jones until it was time for lunch. After lunch, my shoulders and neck were aching badly. So I had to do some basic workout to ease the muscle tension. When those didn’t help, I took a cup of coffee with two painkillers that have muscle relaxants. Then I went and take a nap.

After the nap, I procrastinate some more by watching more Netflix and Youtube before deciding to force myself to write. I was able to put in about 835 new words for my novel but it was the result of going through some struggle to get words out, watching some more YouTube video, drinking a pot of green tea, and having dinner.

One last thing, I have somewhat given up on video gaming for the last one month or so and stopped using Facebook to free up more time. Yet I still find myself not writing more. The biggest problem right now is me spending time watching Netflix and YouTube videos instead of honing my writing craft, especially on weekend. It’s particularly so if I find myself totally exhausted and lacking inspiration or motivation. I don’t know if I should also sign out of YouTube and cancel my Netflix subscription just to force myself to write some more. Somehow I doubt that will work because I will end up searching for something else to read or consume.

Or… maybe I should make playing video game part of the process of writing. I just don’t know if it’s my general lack of energy, lack of inspiration, or plain unhealthy.

My only concern now is wasting too much time on consuming instead of creating.

If anyone has any advice, I will be glad to hear it.

Journal #293

Recently, I keep finding myself making mistakes when it comes to numbering my journal. I fixed the most recent set of errors yesterday. It’s embarrassing.

What happened

I went to office today dressed with layered clothing, a grey T-Shirt with an Olive-green flannel on top. For the past few workdays, I have switched up my dressing style and found joy in that.

A few months ago, I bought three olive-green flannels to establish a personal uniform as part of my minimalism lifestyle. Now nearly five months later, it became clear to me that I’m already a minimalist in my own right because I know what I am looking for in life and everything else is superfluous.

I have also looked at my own spending and it turns out I have never had to take on any debt to fund my lifestyle. I have sufficient savings to keep me going even if I’m out of work for six months straight and still have enough to buy the occasion gadgets that I want. So I don’t need a uniform to tell the world. Instead, how I dress is to show my personality, my desire for authenticity. That is one of my core values.

At work, I spent one-quarter of my time chit-chatting away with my colleague, one-half to implement, and test a new feature for phase 2 of the project. I also went about preparing a new executable with the latest changes from another colleague for her to test tomorrow. Towards the end of the workday, I went and discussed the database schema for the next phase of the project. Since I have a stronger command of English, I went about defining the names for the columns and table.

During lunch, I went on my own. After that, I had the urge to get some new books. One is for my sister.

The book I got for myself is Smart Product Design.

The book I got for my sister is the Color Index XL because I wanted her to have a good tool to do her design and art work.

At around 6.20pm, my colleague and I decided to call it a day. In the meantime, I was already feeling my stomach growling and was getting uncomfortable.

Throughout my journey home, I had some difficulty breathing and kept coughing. It was because while I was crossing the road from my company’s building, I accidentally walked through a hidden cloud of second-hand cigarette smoke. The concentration was higher than what I usually breathed it and it caused my airways to constrict significantly. I kept coughing all the way. Half way to the MRT station, my throat start to hurt and felt sore. The back of my lower jaw also started aching.

Even after I reached home, I still had a hard time breathing. It took quite a while before everything went back to normal.

If I can participate in any class-action lawsuit against smokers and tobacco companies for causing serious health damage, I will.

Once home, I went to watch Star Trek: Discovery and have a sumptuous dinner.

What I plan next

Since I got some free time tonight, I will go back to write something for my book. Yesterday, I managed to expand one of the scene from one paragraph to five paragraphs with proper descriptions and I want to continue to do that.

How I feel

I feel great today because of the joy I get from being myself today, being authentic with all my flaws, strengths, and quirks.

What am I watching now

Here are some videos that I have been watching today.

Gary Vaynerchuk – Why My Personal Brand Is Successful

Lauv – A Different Way

Troye Sivan – My My My!

Lifestyle or life changes

I realized I have actually added probably 2 to 3kg of weight due to my 5 to 6 meals a day. I suspect it was because I haven’t been very active compared to two years ago and have been eating junk food during some of those meals.

What am I thinking of now

Most people by the age of 33 stopped looking for new music. They are stuck with what they already know. They lost touch with what’s trendy. Let’s see how true it holds for me. As far as I know, I am randomly looking for new music to listen to and still can keep up with some of the recent cultural developments.

Journal #265

Merry Christmas to everyone and today I got to spend a vast majority of my time outside of my house. This was necessary for my mental well-being. Staying at home for the whole day was just bad overall and detrimental to my inspirations and content creation.

What happened

I had a quick shower and had Subway for breakfast before meeting up with my friend at Jurong Point to catch Star Wars: The Last Jedi at 10.40am. I won’t say the movie was particularly interesting for me and the length of it made it a drag to watch through.

After the movie, we went to the Legendary Hong Kong restaurant as usual. I ordered Red Bean Ice for my drink.

Then Seafood Fried Rice with XO Sauce as my main meal.

I also ordered a rice noodle roll with Shrimps in soy sauce but I didn’t take any picture of that.

It’s not the best Hong-Kong style food that I have eaten. It’s just familiar.

After that, we walked around the mall before I left to meet another friend to go to the Prudential Carnival in downtown Singapore.

Turns out, I wasn’t really into carnivals because I just don’t like rides. So we just watched people screaming their lungs off on those rides and left early. We decided to go to another carnival also by Prudential and came upon the Red Dot Design Museum along the way.

That caught my attention and I wanted to go in instead. We got the tickets and went in. I found myself attracted by the various designs and ideas people have about urban living, user experience, and daily appliances.

Here are some random photos that I took to show you what I am talking about. Some of the photos are not really in focus because they were taken quickly. I just wanted to capture the ideas.

After we are done, we went to have some drinks at the cafe within the museum to use up the coupons that we got alongside the museum ticket. I ordered an iced Mocha, which turned out to be pretty good while my friend ordered bottled water.

Then we went to Esplanade and have dinner there. My friend suggested eating at Supply and Demand because of the Truffle Fries, which he said was very good.

I ordered a bottle of Erdinger Weissbier, which got poured into a Weizen glass

It went along with grilled fish of the day with two sides prepared in accordance to the chef’s wishes.

And the main highlight of the day are the Truffle fries, given the emphasis my friend put on it.

Spreading throughout the day was my activity of playing Sky Force: Reloaded on my iPhone, chatting with my friend, and looking for jobs.

How I feel

Throughout the day, there were various feelings depending on what I read, experienced or seen. My primary operating mode revolves around my feelings and my outputs are based on how I channel my feelings.

The commentary: Of course we don’t read poetry. We’re Singaporean published on Channel NewsAsia got me pretty upset at the state of art in Singapore though I know there are good Singaporean artists out there.

Going through the exhibits at the design museum got me to think about the state of design in Singapore. It was another thing that got me feeling despondent. Despite Singaporean children going through Design and Technology in school, almost no one end up becoming an industrial designer like Jonathan Ive or James Dyson.

The above two feelings are related to how I see the economy of the future is going to be primarily all about creation and producing original or innovative stuff with your skills backed up by great service and I’m not sure if Singapore is ready given the current state of affairs.

As I was going home, I also don’t feel like going to work tomorrow. And feeling a deep sense of trepidation regarding my upcoming reservist training, which is in a week’s time.

Other than the above stuff, I’m feeling good. It’s definitely better than yesterday since I’m not coop up at home, got to see stuff, and eat nice food (not the healthiest).

What am I watching now

I’m enjoying music by Madeon, a French DJ and music producer. I’m watching an old video of him performing live as I’m writing this journal.

I have grown to enjoy his music a lot and the tendency to put them on loop.

Being grateful

I’m grateful for friends that chose to hang out with me.

10 Tech News Roundup #8

Here are 10 tech news that I found interesting.

Facebook quietly launches Mac and PC Workplace Chat apps with screen share – TechCrunch has discovered that Facebook has stealthily launched official desktop PC and Mac chat apps with screen sharing — two features users have been begging for. Techcrunch

Apple is looking into reports of iPhone 8 batteries swelling – Reports from a few iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus buyers have suggested there could be an issue with the battery inside some of the devices swelling, causing the case of Apple’s new iPhone to split open and expose the smartphone’s internals. Techcrunch

Apple gave Uber the keys to your iPhone screen, and it was all super shady – Stop us if you’ve heard this one: Uber is a shady company. Mashable

The Pixel’s missing headphone jack proves Apple was right – When it launched the iPhone 7 a year ago, Apple confidently declared the headphone jack obsolete technology that we could learn to live without. The Verge

HP is ditching the last serious Windows phone – HP has canceled plans to build out a line of Windows phones due to Microsoft’s general disinterest in continuing to battle Google and Apple on mobile. The Verge

Analyst and execs say Microsoft might kill off the Surface line by 2019 – With its new Pixelbook 2-in-1, it appears as if Google is trying to take on Microsoft and its laptop-tablet hybrid, the Surface Pro. But several big names within the industry think the Windows maker will drop its Surface lineup by 2019, if not sooner. Techspot

Microsoft has an Edge on iOS and Android handsets – Do you use Microsoft Edge? While I haven’t spent a huge amount of time with Microsoft’s newest browser, I have to admit it’s fast and slick. Techreport

The rise of female e-gamers in Singapore – SINGAPORE: A marketing executive by day, female gamer Calyn Koh heads straight for her home computer after work. Channel Newsasia

Outside criticism forced YouTube to change its search results after Las Vegas shooting conspiracy theories spread – YouTube is revamping the way its search algorithm picks videos to display on the site, after a spate of clips promoting false conspiracy theories about Sunday’s Las Vegas shooting were prominently featured on its site. Business Insider

Google Compute Engine goes a little crazy with up to 96 CPU cores and 624 GB of memory – If you’ve got a resource-hungry app, Google Compute Engine’s latest offering has you covered. Techcrunch

Daily Journal – Aug 2, 2017

This is my 118th journal.

0915hrs and I’m already kind of awake. Went to the washroom for a bit and then back to bed. Didn’t quite fall asleep but more like just lazing around until around 1015hrs.

Today, I won’t be going to my client’s office to do any work because I got a doctor’s appointment later in the afternoon. I’m required to fast for 6 hours because it’s endoscopy. So I’m here feeling hungry. And you know what’s the best part? I was already feeling hungry since last night 2330hrs and I just tried to go to bed with an empty stomach. I think I managed to fall as sleep at around 0230hrs in the morning or so. Can’t really remember except for the extremely gassy stomach.

Didn’t really have anything planned for today. So I think I will do something light for the until the doctor’s appointment. I mean isn’t that what I have been doing for the past week? Hah.

Here is a video that I was watching while writing the journal.

It is Lorde singing Green Light live on SNL. I always enjoyed her performance because she has a unique personality when performing. She simply just be herself.

Next, I went to watch a video from the channel Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. It’s a very interesting channel that talks about concepts or experiences that we had but didn’t quite have the vocabulary to describe it.

The video is titled Morii: The Desire to Capture a Fleeting Experience.

Fasting. I may have done it wrong but what’s done is done. I’m feeling so sleepy, which I think can be safely attributed to drop in blood sugar. I’m feeling thirsty, had a mild headache, and I hadn’t drank anything since last night, 2330hrs. An hour or so more to go before I leave for the hospital. I think I will just go and sleep again.

Went out of the house at around 1330hrs and arrived at the NUH Endoscopy Center at around 1430hrs, registered myself and waited for don’t know how long.

After waiting for a while, the doctor got my consent to perform the endoscopy procedure. Before long, I was in.

Went through the preparation work and before I knew it, it was done. Initially, it wasn’t so bad. They did give me some sedation but I was pretty awake for the whole process. I still remember the doctor talking about taking samples, telling the nurse how to guide the tube around, etc. When it’s time for the tube to come out, the whole process triggered a series of gag reflex of wanting to vomit. When it’s finally out, my throat actually hurts, felt swollen.

Then they wheeled me to the recovery ward and waited for an hour. Took my blood pressure and monitor my condition. Nothing major happened and I was up.

Had some cream cracker and a cup of milo. Then see the nurse whom gave me the preliminary report, told me that they took some biopsy and did some testing of the samples. The diagnosis was Erosive Gastritis of the lower stomach (Antral). She also told me to wait for the call tomorrow if the samples revealed that it was some kind of infection and I would need to go back there to get the meds. For now, they just gave some meds to deal with the excessive acid and let the lining heal.

Had dinner at the Hong Kong cafe and while waiting for food, I went about cleaning up the health data collected by my iPhone and Apple Watch because they were with my mom, and she walked about the integrated mall while I was undergoing the procedure and in recovery.

So came home at around 2100hrs and I went to eat some sponge cake, took the probiotics, and had my vitamin C drink. Man, I was hungry.

What I shall do for the rest of the night is to catch up on two tv shows, Shooter (TV Series) and Zoo (TV Series)

That’s all for now.

Here I conclude my journal for today.